Monday, September 21, 2009

Back Finally

Really sorry I hven't posted anything in a while but I have been really busy with school and everything else in my life right now. So anyway I hope you can forgive me ;)

As you most likely know so far 3 official New Moon trailers have been released but we have also seen 2 exclusive scenes posted on Youtube.
New Moon looks much better than Twilight and as much as that is true something in the third trailer really upset me.
Edward and whoever in the Volturi never get into a fight! In the trailer you see Edward be slammed in the the stairs and then on the floor. It's like WTF! THAT NEVER FREAKIN HAPPENED. I am really mad but I guess I have to get over it and just try my best to enjoy the movie. I kind of already knew this was going to happen though because the director was Chris Weitz. He is a gifted and talented director but I have watched Golden Compass and read the book.
If you have done the same you know what I am talking about. There were so many things made different. Actually I even think that some of the names were switched around so I was kind of upset when he ws chosen as the director but I heard that there is going to be a third director for Eclipse so I really hope that works because Eclipse is my favorite of the 4 books.

Well that is it for now. Don't forget you can always contact me through my Youtbe channel. The link is on the side, just click it and send me a message. I look forward to hearing from you!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Victoria Issue

Ok. So i am really pissed that they are replacing Rachelle in Twilight. They fired her because she took a 10 day leave do d oa short film and it was right around the time Eclipse started shooting. So like they fired her and they hired some new chick Bryce. I think the new chick doesnt compare to Rachelle. She looks nothing like Victoria and totally doesnt have her vibe. There are many petitions online to bring Rachelle back and i would really appreciate it if you signed one. Just search victoria/rachelle petition on Google and a bunch will come up. I have already signed one so i hope you will too

Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Screen Romance

Rob and Kristen

Okay so there are so many rumors flying around about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The tabloids are saying that they are so an item, and apperantly they have been seen at hotels and parties hanging out and renting rooms all night so...... i mean, what's the truth. Kristen and Rob still haven's confirmed anything, they claim they are just friends. Kristen has a long time boyfriend who she claims she is commited to but a few people are saying other wise. Also considering Rob's player ways, maybe it was just some flirting but I guess we will never know for sure until they confirm it themselves.

Ashley and Jackson

Ok so Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene are getting a little suspicious. So according to some research I did they were in a sort of relationship like a lot of flirting and sweet kisses and things like that. Now when everyone was convinced the 2 were a pair Ashley shows up to Jackson's band's concert with another guy. They were spotted kissing and with their arms around each other the whole time. I personally think the 2 would be an awesome couple but who knows what is really going on.


Nikki and Robert

Well everyone knows that Robert Pattinson is kind of a player. So he apparently had a fling with Nikki Reed and it was hot. So he supposedly was with her only because Kristen rejected him at the time. But with the rumors that they are together now, Nikki Reed is so jealous and she really wants Rob back, well at least that's what the tabloids say.


So with all this romance who's to say what is really going on. There are so many different rumors and stories going around so we can't really ever know the whole truth.

My Immortal Evanescense

If you have read New Moon you will know why this song is on here. Well just listen to the words. It is almost like Amy Lee read the book then wrote the song but that's impossible because this song was out before New Moon was written but there are 2 lines that would be Edward to Bella
When you cried I'd wipe away all of your tears
When you screamed I'd fight away all of your fears

Now the reast of the song is like totally Bella to Edward when he leaves her in New Moon, so remember listen to words.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Rent a Twilight Star for your party!!!!

Watch this video and cry in desperation lol

New Moon Trailer PLUS a few scenes from the movie

Summer News

OK OK OK So i've pretty busy this summer but i finally found some time to make a post and edit my blog a bit.
Alrighty then who else thinks that this robert and kristen dating thing is just so annoying. Like i mean i like that they are together but I mean i am sooooo sick of hearing about it. Oh and get this they STILL havent confirmed they are dating whenever anyone asks they just we are just friends.

This summer we have much more infomaion on New Moon. There have been many scenes released and the first trailer. I am totally exited to see it in November. Here is a pic of the volturri in all there fancy makeup.