Sunday, February 8, 2009

Right now I am listening to the Twilight soundtrack, it's the bomb!!! Now I am about to tell you something but you have to promise not to laugh. I am writing a book, yes a book, it is about ( you guessed it) VAMPIRES. Although it is about vampires it is completely different from Twilight, I already have the first 3 chapters done!!


I doubt anything will come of my book, but I am mainly doing it for fun.
Just expressing my feelings.
Here is a short summary of the story for anyone who cares :)

Cecilia Bayelone dies on her 17th birthday. She finds herself dead,but still alive. How is this possible. She doesn't remember anything about who she, all she knows is here name, her birthday, when she died, and that she was a daughter, sister, and aunt, and this she got from her headstone.
Join her in her journey to unravel the mysteries of who, or what, she is. Come with Cecilia as she meets some strange people, discovers herself, and unlocks all the dark secrets of her past.....................................

So tell me what you think, now remember I am not the BEST writer but I try.

I will gladly except any constructive critiscim (always room for improvement)

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