Sunday, August 9, 2009

On Screen Romance

Rob and Kristen

Okay so there are so many rumors flying around about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson. The tabloids are saying that they are so an item, and apperantly they have been seen at hotels and parties hanging out and renting rooms all night so...... i mean, what's the truth. Kristen and Rob still haven's confirmed anything, they claim they are just friends. Kristen has a long time boyfriend who she claims she is commited to but a few people are saying other wise. Also considering Rob's player ways, maybe it was just some flirting but I guess we will never know for sure until they confirm it themselves.

Ashley and Jackson

Ok so Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene are getting a little suspicious. So according to some research I did they were in a sort of relationship like a lot of flirting and sweet kisses and things like that. Now when everyone was convinced the 2 were a pair Ashley shows up to Jackson's band's concert with another guy. They were spotted kissing and with their arms around each other the whole time. I personally think the 2 would be an awesome couple but who knows what is really going on.


Nikki and Robert

Well everyone knows that Robert Pattinson is kind of a player. So he apparently had a fling with Nikki Reed and it was hot. So he supposedly was with her only because Kristen rejected him at the time. But with the rumors that they are together now, Nikki Reed is so jealous and she really wants Rob back, well at least that's what the tabloids say.


So with all this romance who's to say what is really going on. There are so many different rumors and stories going around so we can't really ever know the whole truth.

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