Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cool Gifts

These are some cool gifts you can give to any Twilight lover.

1.) Any one of the Twilight related books.

2.)Twilight T-Shirts

3.)Twilight Dolls

4.)Twilight Perfume

5.)Twilight Comforter

6.)Twilight Posters

7.)Twilight Movie (when it comes out on DVD)

8.)Twilight Board Game

9.)Twilight Jewelery Set/Box

10.)There is so many Twilight products that i couldn't possibly list them all so I will just label this ETC.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Ya again Alice...

    Yeah I have heard the rumor about Talyor Lautner being off the movie.
    It is true I believe in less he can stack on some more muscles.
    I hope Lautner stays though, I hate it when actors change!!
    And that pic on the magazine is weird! Not at all shy Bella and Eward Cullen.

    Keep up the good posts!!