Friday, January 2, 2009

Awesome Sites check it out. It has quizzes, qoutes, wallpapers, icons, contests, Twilight info, and much much more. Check it out , it's really coolio. This is where i got this picture, it is under wallpapers.

I would also got to the author's website, she has some cool stuff on there and that is where you can find the partial draft of Midnight Sun.


  1. Hey My name is Katie.. I picked Nessie for my pick on favourite "cullen" vampires.
    And Twilight on my favourite books.

    And by the way, This is a pretty cool blog, feel free to pass by mine any time!

  2. Hey Twilight Chick couldn't find comment button on ur blog so i hope you read this. Thanks for following my blog i followed yours too. I am you age (13 as well) and I hope we can be good friends. lol.